About Hackett Lakes – the best lakes for quality fishing in Nottingham

Hackett Lakes is designed to offer Nottingham’s anglers the very best fishing across two well-stocked lakes. You’ll find us a few short miles from Nottingham city at a site as known for its attractive surroundings as it is for superb fishing.

Lake 1

This is the smaller of our two fishing lakes and is an ideal match lake. As recently as 2005 we stocked this lake with Carp varying up 20 lbs in weight. Abundant Perch, Chub and Roach are also found in the reeds while Tench tend to favour further waters as they feed near the bottom.

Our fishing records page will give you a comprehensive list of the fishing opportunities this lake has to offer.

Lake 2

The larger of the two fishing lakes was also stocked with similarly sized Carp in 2005 and offers the keen angler some of the best fishing in Nottingham. When fishing during the summer Perch, Chub and Roach can be found in the reeds but move to deeper pools in the winter when the water cools.

Our common sense regulations:

To protect the fishing lakes and the fish stock and ensure the best fishing experience for everyone , we ask all fishermen to follow these simple but important rules.

- All fishing is on a strict catch & release policy.
- Fishermen must use barb-less hooks only.
- No braided hook lengths
- Please take all your litter home with you.
- Dogs must be kept on a lead and away from the water.